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How To Take Over A Country

How To Take Over A Country

Birth of a Bastard

As director, I have been asked recently: how do you take over a country? I refer you to the minutes of that epic get together back in ’08.

First, erode national powers. Leave them the military because it is largely irrelevant and provides the illusion/veneer of nationhood, but, like a spider, wrap them in a sticky web of transnational legal goo. (We’re talking TPP here.)

Second, using the goo, enforce intellectual property. With a vengence, because the goo is with you. Impoverish the file-sharers. Sue the patenting scientists. Grind them to dust. Make them rely on imports for everything except what you can get out of them at comparative disadvantage.

Third, globalise everything you can. Buy the farms, the dairies, the gas.

Fourth, establish a reliable, low-cost surveillance system. The mob will always grumble and so long as they keep to bullshit, that’s okay. But there needs to be a bit more than a whiff of threat, it needs to be felt to be real.

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